Beauty care when you want it and in the comfort of your own home

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    Beauty care exclusively for Seniors, homebound, and disable


Beauty and hair services that are available and exclusively for seniors (age 55+), homebound, bedridden, and disable women in their home or facility. The beauty and hair services that are available are hairstyling, hair cutting, basic hair coloring, and makeup.

At-home services

Professional hairstyling and beauty services in the comfort of your home. Xtended Glam now offer at-home hairstyling and beauty service created by Sandee Dixon founder and owner of Xtended Glam beauty and education. I'm currently serving the NYC metropolitan area. I guarantee that you’ll love your style. If not, I’ll fix it!


 My experience with beauty and hair care are listed hairstyling, hair color, and haircutting allow me to provide extraordinary and professional service to seniors, home bound, bedridden, and disabled women and men. I can make all your hair and your family members dreams become a reality and deliver the kind of quality services and value you can expect from a licensed beauty professional.


Welcome to Xtended Glam where at home beauty services are exclusively available to seniors, homebound, bedridden, and disable women and men.


I am Sandee Dixon the Founder and Visionary behind Xtended Glam. I hold under my belt over 20 years experience in the beauty industry. I am a licensed Cosmetologist, Licensed Beauty Educator, & Makeup Artist, mother, sister, and daughter. 


One day I went on a job interview at an adult daycare center for a position of hairstylist for the women and men that went to the center. It was while sitting in the interview and hearing the interviewer tell me basic the people to be serviced are not my paying clients so quick 20 minute services hairstyling and painting nails is all you need to give them and move on to the next person.


That just wasn't sitting very well with me because I thought to myself just because they are not paying me for the service does that really mean they can't have an exceptional service and experience! No they should paying or not everyone should be made to feel important! On my way home I thought about my mother, she an elderly women that can't move around without some assistant and she don't get out to have her hair done my sister does it when she can and sometime she go a while before having her hair done because my sister works full time and she has kids to also care for along with me mother.


I knew it was perfect I love making woman feel amazing and sometimes just like my sister the families are just to busy to take their mother or father, grandmother or grandfather, sister or brother, or maybe you yourself are a senior, disabled, homebound, or bedridden. Xtended Glam was made for you.


 I do all I can to take the pressure off you or the family to come to your home or facility to give the best hair and beauty service they have had.


I will go above and beyond to do my very best to make sure that the service and my work is the most professional and highest quality you or your love one has ever had. I am an EXPERT in my craft and I take pride in my work.


 My PASSION will show in my work.

Sandee Dixon


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